com Old New York Fake ID

RGF is a great vendor who does extremely generous promos and gets his IDs out fast. His customer support is superb and he has an excellent reputation. Do the quality of his fake IDs hold up their reputation? Let find out. He replies to tickets insanely quickly and is very alive on reddit. He is never hesitant to give someone a reprint if he feels they been wronged and does a bunch of great promos. Their customer service department needs no work as it is already perfect.

Shipping Speed: [10/10]: For a $30 ID, I didn expect a quick turnaround. I thought I would order it, wait a month, and have it arrive. I was wrong. It arrived in just under a week. That is straight up insane for any vendor, let alone one that processes thousands of orders and priced their ID at $30.

ID Quality: [8/10]: Overall, it a good ID. It certainly wouldn work instate or right on the state border but it is perfect for out of state usage. filltrustid You might have trouble at high end clubs but really this should work everywhere. As long as you remain cool and confident, this ID will get you into the stricter places.

Feel [8.5/10]: The ID pretty accurately emulates the textured feel of an old new york ID. It is also very bendy, just like the old new york ID. Overall I say it pretty damn accurate. I have held a real U21 old NY before, though, and it was a bit smoother, so I gonna have to detract some points on that.

Template [9/10]: The template is really nice. It looks really beautiful and really sets it apart from the bulk of the low quality fakes that circulate. If a bouncer or someone suspects the ID is fake, the beautiful template will probably throw them off and make them second guess.

Photoshop Job [6/10]: This is where the ID seems to lack. I won lie; the photshop job is pretty bad. scannable fake ids The edges of my face are brighter than the rest of my face and it looks like it was cut out and pasted onto a gray background. Definitely looks fake.

Pearl Ex Sine Wave [Non Existent/10]: I remember RGF said the sine wave would be printed on for promo IDs so I can really complain about that since I knew before hand. So yeah, the sine wave is printed on, but it does look faded enough that only an astute bouncer would able to tell. Most people probably wouldn even know the old NY has a sine wave.

Signature Font [8/10]: No font signature will ever look quite right, but this is pretty close to a real signature. A lot of people like to shit on RGF signature font but IMO this one is better than FloridaFakes The font looks messy enough that it doesn seem as if it is computer generated.

Scanning/Usability [10/10]: Used it for beer runs, liquor stores, and even a shitty bar in my area. Haven been turned down and either. It scans perfectly.

Overall [9/10]: If you factor in the price, shipping speed, and communication, the ID score gets bumped up quite a bit. buy fake ids The ID itself is a 8/10 but RGF is a reliable vendor who will get your shit to you and I think that is very important.